As a previous physical educator, coach, competitive sportsman, and the mother or father of two competitive sports athletes, the positive aspects of athletic sports activities participation is a focus having deep meaning for me personally. Yes, there is always the possibility, even probability maybe, of too way too soon and a misplaced emphasis on the “wrong” things like winning no matter what.

However, these risks do not negate all the positives that can and do occur. As being a physical educator it is impossible to pay the benefits gained from sports participation without mentioning the fitness improvements achieved through training for and taking part in athletic activities. Inside a society where obesity has become a major ailment the physical fitness advantages just can’t be rejected.

It is the mental and conceptual area that many use to support the importance of involvement in competitive sports, something I agree with. Additionally it is the same area that some point to when behavior exhibited by some athletes does not seem to support what we should believe they should be learning.

As with anything, however, you can only escape something what one puts in. Additionally, with good instructors and good programs a positive code of moral specifications (PCES) is of major focus. It is something they most support and work toward instilling in sportsmen under their direction certainly. When these two things come together, putting in high levels of effort and solid programs/coaches that encourage PCES amazing things can occur. These amazing things all focus on the abstract principles revered by those without them and necessary for anyone wanting to achieve success in sports activities, and, for that matter, in life as well.

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An initialism from the publication Learning to be a True Champion covers the essentials of commitment, self-discipline, sacrifice, priorities, and heart, which are essential for success in competitive athletics. Creating and setting up goals is an integral part to be an athlete. They provide a path and signify an accepted place in the future where one wants to be.

Without them one is just going through the movements. These attributes are essential in achieving the goals one sets. They become most obvious when athletes are placed in difficult situations that require the activities of perseverance and determination. How bad one wants to perform one’s goals will be straight proportional to the amount of desire they need to accomplish them.