Greg Harvey has made an impact as a media savvy Personal Fitness Trainer, a wildlife photographer, a trendsetter and a renaissance man! I first met Greg in 1997 in Edmonton at an information program for a fresh program that was to be initiated at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). The planned program was advertised as the first of its kind in Canada, a college level course of studies in Personal Fitness Training.

Most folks were likely going to the info session out of curiosity but I distinctly understand that this tall, extreme, concentrated individual was present also. They was Greg Harvey. He had not been out of attention but also for a definite purpose there. He knew precisely what he needed and this program was it! We both were accepted into the program and became colleagues and forever connected by the fitness link. Greg had a solid career background in sales as well as having worked in the oil industry. He knew how to close a sale.

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Now he just needed the right product to market – something that he truly believed in.. His past recreational pursuits included volleyball, squash, boxing, weight training and even marathon running. He also had a comedic talent for infusing moments of humor into something that appeared like drudgery.These were all elements that could successfully change his avocation – fitness – into his vocation. Fit’N’Well began by providing a service in which the Fitness Trainer would come to the client’s residence. Greg also began offering Fitness Training at the Terrace Fitness and Racquet membership at the Radisson Hotel in southern Edmonton.

Fit’N’Well attracted clients to the point that Greg started employing other Fitness Trainers. He also worked out a deal to control and offer exercise classes and training services for the Scotia Place Fitness Center in Edmonton’s central business area. 1. Find a task that the client enjoys such as weight training exercise, aerobics,squash, racquetball, yoga exercises or operating and make that the concentrate of each workout.

Fit ‘N’Well utilizes group exercise specialists and yoga exercises trainers to help meet the needs of its clients. 2. Have your client be in charge of their own eating habits. Although Greg is a exercising vegan, he does not force this lifestyle onto his clients. He does refer to the Canada Food Guide and promotes practical food choices. 3. As weekend hikes Toss in extra group activities such, laser label evenings, squash tournaments, rugby ball soccer, or raquetball court volleyball games to add a fun, sociable element. Fitness is a results powered profession and Greg has run up a summary of accomplishments. Fit ‘N’ Well has helped multitudes of clients lose excess body fat in a safe and sensible manner.

Greg has been a spokesperson and media sounding panel for the advantages of an active and healthy lifestyle. Fit’N’Well has has been at the vanguard of the Edmonton fitness picture for 20 plus years now. This is no easy feat in an oil reliant Alberta economy that historically will go from increase to bust repeatedly. Right is another bust time now. Fit’N’Well has had its ebb and flow periods as well as much challenges unique to the Fitness Training profession. 20 years ago, Fitness Trainers were rarely employees of a fitness center. They were mostly independent contractors responsible for finding their own clients.