The UK honours system can be an absolute disgrace. The whole honors system, including visits to the bloated unelected House of Lords, is an affront to democracy. In his six years as Prime Minister David Cameron stuffed unelected cronies into the House of Lords at a faster rate than any Prime Minister in history.

He stuffed so many establishment insiders into the unelected upper house that the House of Lords is currently the next biggest legislative chamber on earth, second only to the Chinese parliament! The leaked list of people David Cameron intends to compensate with establishment honors as one of his last works as Prime Minister is a total disgrace.

Not only is the list stuffed full of Tory MPs, special advisers, and donors, it also includes one of the primary Labor coup-plotters (Will Hay) and even Samantha Cameron’s personal stylist! Isabel Spearman: After sketching scorn and ridicule for handing his barber an MBE in 2014 it appears that Cameron hasn’t discovered his lesson about extreme cronyism, choosing to nominate his wife’s personal stylist Isabel Spearman for an OBE!

Ian Taylor: The oil trader and major Tory donor has been waiting for a knighthood from his chum David Cameron for quite some time. Andrew Cook: Another major Tory donor that has given over a million pounds to the Tory party and bankrolled the failed Remain advertising campaign to the Melody of £250,000.

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George Osborne: The previous Chancellor and architect of the ideological austerity con is to become Companion of Honor which is usually given as a expected “reward for exceptional achievements in the arts, books, music, research, politics, industry, and religion”. The idea that George Osborne’s socially and economically catastrophic austerity agenda constitutes an outstanding achievement in politics (rather than spectacular example of conning economically uneducated people who have ludicrous fairy stories) is beyond a tale.

Thea Rodgers: George Osborne’s stylist is also in-line for a gong. Cameron is expecting at hand an OBE to the girl who advised George Osborne change his haircut and lose some weight to be able to invert his unpopularity. Perhaps advising him to get away from his financially illiterate “let’s lower our way to growth” agenda could have done more to boost his public image?