I am beyond thrilled to celebrate the Blog’s birthday/wedding anniversary! I intentionally started your blog in January such that it always tied to the start of the new season! My first post was dated January 2nd, 2011. This website was started by me 5 years ago, yet the idea to begin your blog was beside me for many years prior to the actual start time.

In that point frame, I was trying to gain the courage to begin and share my ideas and words/images/opinions. With anything new, you fear the unknown and you also want to ensure you are giving it your all! Once I used to be confident and ready, I started the blog, and I haven’t looked back. In the last 5 Years, I’ve distributed countless Makeup Hauls, PRODUCT CRITIQUES, Makeup Looks as well as my love of Books and Cooking.

I started this website in an effort to connect with people who shared the same passions as me and a way to share my very own personal thoughts. There were a few personal articles that I also debated sharing but found a great deal of support and love when I did so. I am happy to announce and share that in 2016, I shall be reviving the beginning of my YouTube channel! I started it awhile back but am glad to state that is seeking to launch my first (third) video this month!

You are certain to get the same vibe that I’ve set for the blog, however in video format. I appreciate all the love and support I have received over the years and want to keep sharing content that is pertinent to you and that I enjoy writing! I also appreciate any content recommendations for the route as well and am excited because of this next section!

Love. Love. Love. If you didn’t suppose already, This moisturizer has been loved by me! It is an amazing product. Solid for winter epidermis but does not cause an essential oil slick enough. Naturally illuminating rather than glitter or shine. Gawjus scent and a reasonable price point. What more would you like? Well, an SPF would be nice but that’s just splitting hairs.

  • Keep the Nails Trimmed
  • Avon – $7.9 billion
  • Explain all methods and treatments. Schedule time for you to answer the patient’s questions
  • Apply mascara to the very best and bottom level lashes
  • Is drug assessment athletes justified
  • It can overcome dry areas on your skin as well as symptoms of maturing

P.S Vichy if this moisturizer is made by you with an SPF that could make me happy. This is actually the second hair oil that I’ve received in my Glossy box and I am just as impressed with this one. I take advantage of this on cleaned, wet hair in support of use a smidgen. I then dried out my locks with the locks dryer and hello shiny, nourished hair. You have the potential to overuse this product and finish up with dunked in a fryer looking locks, therefore I would suggest if you have hair that can low fat to the oilier side, less is more definitely. So it is here. Hope you have enjoyed this review and continue the appearance out for news about the new blog.

This portion of the movie could easily be clipped out and used as a music video, and the film would be better for it. That all said, Aladdin is good. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a big, luxurious musical that’s filled with fun performances, bright colors, and some exciting occasions. Will Smith’s switch as Genie isn’t better than what Robin Williams took to the type, but it’s different enough that it stands alone merit. And, if you’re into this sort of thing–and you should be–Smith has a fresh rap over the finish credits that is themed to the movie.

Which is the coolest thing ever plus they involve some other really awesome things like: natural mosquito repellant, biodegradable everything, and sunscreen you can think of to make your skin glow. Oh, yes, and they also have products for your pet that are obviously NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. Their products are pretty no problem finding actually, they are sold in boutiques, drugstores, health food stores, through mail orders, salons, specialty stores, on their own website and they have their own stores in several areas of the U even.S.A.