Create inline styles with us. Build a web page that uses inline styles. Create an interior style sheet with us. Produce a website that uses an internal style sheet. We are taking the webpages one step further by using cascading style sheets or CSS. Here is a link to more info than you can be told by me about CSS. Select try-it-yourself under the CSS examples heading. Prepare to make another webpage using CSS to create the design of the page. Students shall produce a website with three movie reviews. Students should make a link on their index.html page to the new movie review page.

We experienced only eight people doing everything related to content and programming at the museum. In my own first half a year, I got eventually to help research and install a short-term exhibition, manage youth and adult programs, start a podcasting program, and understand how to run section budgets. I attempted to master the administrative work as quickly as you can so I could keep volunteering for other creative tasks. Six months in, the Museum focused on making an interactive highly, separate ticket “you are the spy” experience (now open and named Operation Spy). It was going to be developed by companies and overseen by Anna.

I visited Anna and argued that people must have someone internally who could lead the creative development and deal with the procedure under her–someone without the rest of the obligations that Anna got as a department head. I guaranteed to commit to stay through the starting if she’d I want to take on this role, and I suggested that she can keep me at my (low) salary instead of hiring an expensive project planner.

I also told her if I couldn’t focus on this task, I’d likely move to the West Coast within half a year. Anna accepted my proposal. I started the Museum 2. In November of 2006 0 blog, about halfway through my work on Operation Spy. While now the blog’s a large part of my entire life, at the right time, it just felt as an experiment–a place for me to develop my ideas in a public setting.

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The blog started with a meeting experience. I’d been going to conferences like ASTC for two years and got mostly been extremely shy. I knew how to be assertive and sociable in small settings like my museum however, not in larger groups. I’d see exhibit people I needed to learn from, people like Kathleen McLean and Paul Martin and Darcie Fohrman, but I literally didn’t learn how to talk to them. When Kathleen starting speaking at ASTC in 2006 about the thought of a “wikimuseum” and guests as users, It had been noticed by me was something I needed to explore further.

I started your blog as a personal learning activity, but also for the dorkiest reason in the world: to have something to talk about with my heroes. This desire was had by me, that I’d write about a subject they cared about, send them a contact about it, and maybe the conversation would go someplace. It didn’t happen like that, but other activities instead occurred. First, blogging gave me the confidence and drive to call up people who did cool projects and speak to them.