If your computer is losing its time or date settings, or you are getting a message CMOS Read Error, CMOS checksum error, or CMOS Battery Failure, first attempt to leave the computer on every day and night. In a few full instances this may charge the electric battery and solve your issue. This often resolves CMOS battery-related issues when a computer has been left off for several months.

If this will not resolve your issue follow the below steps. When inside your computer make sure you’re alert to ESD and all its potential risks. Open the computer case, and find the battery using the PC motherboard, verify that it will be accessible and that it can be removed. Most computers today use a coin-cell CMOS battery as shown in the image to the right.

If you are unable to find your CMOS battery pack, you’ll need to refer to your motherboard or computer documents and/or contact your computer manufacturer for more assistance in locating it. Unfortunately, most manufacturers won’t list the exact model and kind of your CMOS electric battery; therefore, you have located the battery once, write down all information about the battery (Voltage, chemistry, wiring, and packaging).

If possible, take away the battery pack and take it to the positioning you plan on investing in a new battery pack from. The part amount because of this battery for most computer systems is CR2032. When inside your computer make sure you’re alert to ESD and all it’s potential dangers. If you are computer is using a coin-cell battery like the above example picture. Removing the battery is not at all hard. Simply use your fingers to grab on the edge of the battery and pull it up and out of the container holding it. Some motherboards have a clip keeping the battery pack down.

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If your personal computer has this clip, you may want to use one experienced to move the clip up and the other hands to pull the battery out. Unfortunately, not absolutely all CMOS batteries are detachable; some producers are only going to allow an upgraded electric battery to be added. Users with computers that do not have removable batteries only options to set up a new battery will likely also need to set a jumper when adding the new battery to their computer.

Once you have purchased a new battery, take away the old battery (as instructed above), and replace it with the new battery pack. Once the battery pack is replaced turn on the computer and resetting the CMOS beliefs to the defaults. Following the values have all been inserted to ensure that you save the settings before exiting. Many CMOS setups enable you to press an integral (such as F10) to save lots of values and leave all in one action.