Would you think that just walking into the dance studio room for the first time in 364 times offered me such a contented excitement? By contented excitement, I mean a sense of pleasure and exuberance that I finally came back to my dance roots. Dance roots often means various things to various people. To me, it signifies that I am now feeling better for the first time since our car accident last June 2008, and that there is a real probability that I shall be dancing very soon. We came that Saturday morning at 1130 a.m. Expo type activities so people could come in and get familiar with the service.

They may also bring new or used dance shoes they no longer wanted to be able to sell them to others who might want a less-than-average costed shoe. The owner of the studio greeted both my husband and me with a dear kiss and hug. We were as happy to see her as she was to see us. It had been an extended ten months. We missed (at least I did) the wonder of the studio room and the warmth of the dog owner.

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We missed the stunning hardwood floor and the atmosphere of the atmosphere. We skipped getting out there on the floor and doing our dance steps, routines, and just simple old having fun. The roots of dance were planted in the soil of our hearts over 32 years back when we stepped or danced our way into the first studio where we took together our first dance lesson way back then.

I have always wanted to and enjoyed dancing which was a momentous occasion then for us to go as a couple and a married few. Our love for dance or must I say, my love for dance was nurtured through my years of being single by taking a group of lessons after I was working and making a good salary. I visited a studio, and signed up for 50 lessons but I did so not need an encouraging teacher to drinking water my seed products of dance feeling. I completed up the course being unsure of to a lot more than when I began there really.

Then I took a few lessons with a fellow I used to be dating called David and he too did not awaken anything new in me about dance. The years handed with marriage and children and still I yearned to essentially learn to dance and the idea occurred in my own brain that possibly I possibly could compete.

When we walked into the studio room on November 2, 1977, the first thing I saw on the cabinets were some trophies some of the students acquired earned there. Right then and there, I knew that was what I wanted for my shelves. I put a carpenter come in a long time later to custom make white cabinets therefore I could screen my competition trophies.

I dust them weekly with love in my own center for what they are a symbol of in my dancing amateur career. Hard work and diligent and unrelenting time spent learning the world of ballroom dance. Ten lessons evolved into ten or more years of taking lessons, competing, social dancing, and just plain enjoying the social dances held on Saturday nights or Sunday afternoons. A month Before incident we’d go to them at least three times.

Then it all stopped and for one solid or we were unable to go credited to numerous aches and pains from striking hard by a guy texting and owning a red light. Now the entire year has transferred numerous medical decisions and many periods of physical therapy. We are ready. Likely to the Expo for a couple of hours to sell some unused dance shoes really watered my dance urge for food again. We sat there for an hour roughly and viewed some new students take free 15-minute try-outs with various educators to see who they wanted to instruct them if they made a decision to take dance lessons.

We viewed one teacher coach five men on changing some Rumba steps they knew to Bolero steps. Finally, we have remaining and the aura was felt by me of dance pleasure surround my head. I used to be back where I am most spending the happiest hours I am involved with often. As I frequently speak about what ballroom dancing means to me, so again I am able to articulate about any of it in a far more current and meaningful manner.

I have decided if we only dance four or five dances, we will be ahead of the time because we will have again began our voyage in the stunning sea of dance. The sea is calm now and the water is blue and we will dance serenely and be at peace in doing so.