Listening to music when you exercise is a superb way to motivate you to ultimately do more repetitions or press harder, longer and stronger. Indeed, there is certainly research to the up. And, if you are anything like us these devices you play your music on is nearly as important as your trainers.

What if you could ditch your phone or music device and crank out those uplifting workout music. We take a look at the options to try and find the best fitness tracker with music. Onboard storage where in fact the music is kept on the tracker natively. Typically, they include about 3GB – 4GB of storage, enough to store around 500 – 800 tunes.

Bluetooth paired where one to stream music from a smartphone paired with your tracker. Another thing to note is that nothing of the devices feature a headphone jack and need a set of Bluetooth headphones. Influenced by which tracker you get this may have to be an additional purchase or will come specifically tailored for that tracker. Now that we are on series 4 of the Apple watch there are several models that will continue to work as a fitness tracker that play music. Another smart watch, this time from Samsung.

The waterproof Gear Fit 2 pro includes all the goodies you would expect from a high end expensive fitness tracker. Running Tizen OS provides you access to a vast selection of apps and 4GB of onboard storage space gives you to make use of the cell phones offline Spotify features. None of the other fitness trackers that play music offer Spotify support so that it is definitely cutting edge.

Fitbit obtained Pebble to improve its smart watch offering the first consequence of which is The Ionic. As you’ll expect there’s a strong focus on fitness and these devices benefits from Fitbit’s expertise in this area. Other notable features are device obligations, silent security alarms, notifications, and restricted integration into the Fitbit ecosystem. Music smart there is 2.5GB of up to speed storage that ought to allow for around 300 songs or other audio tracks. Tracks are put into these devices using the Fitbit Connect desktop application and you pay attention via Bluetooth headphones.

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Overall, it offers a lot of features and enthusiasts of Fitibit products will probably like it but for others the price may end up being prohibitive. The Garmin Vivosmart 3 does not offer as many features as some of the other trackers in this list. Music is not stored on the device itself but is streamed from your mobile phone. You are capable of pausing, miss and play tracks inside your default music app. Enough control for a few but could be frustrating if you are using other music applications like Pandora.

The waterproof flagship in TomTom’s steady equipped with all the features you’ll expect including GPS, heart rate monitor, and a built-in music player. As with a great deal of fitness trackers there is no headphone jack and you will need to buy a couple of compatible Bluetooth earphones. Alternatively, you may consider downgrading a couple of models and appearance at the Tom Tom Spark 3 Music model where TomTom provide the headphones. With all these smarts the watch may be considered a tiny bit too bulky for some and there are also some reports of slow GPS signal pick up time.