Challenging academics, strong personal development, and a values-based worldview have been the hallmarks of PLNU’s alternative education since our founding more than a century ago. That tradition proceeds to this day in the Fermanian School of Business. An undergraduate business major prepares one to become an effective business professional armed with the required knowledge, skills, and character which to create the duration of selfless service and continuous learning.

In the Daytime MBA for recent graduates, you’ll meet the business world up close and personal, getting the knowledge and experience you need to strike the bottom running. With the Evening and Online MBA programs for working professionals, you’ll develop business knowledge and expertise that lift and grow your career and enable you to inspire those around you.

3. You can choose your income level. The best thing about the system is that it `s scalable, which means you can repeat it over and over until you` ve achieved any degree of income you want. The amount of money you may make is only limited by your own investment and work.

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  2. Managing internal money
  3. How to execute backup and recovery operations
  4. Deep knowledge on security ideas, industry criteria and best procedures
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  7. The classification and component framework of business models
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