When Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez published her skincare regimen on Instagram the other day, the internet immediately lit up. Some heralded her down-to-earth-ness, a breath of fresh air and personality in what can be considered a very stagnant world of politics. Some decried the posts, claiming that it detracted from the seriousness of her role. Others were simply happy she distributed her tips just. Greater implications aside, I needed to learn: Exactly what is a day in the life span of AOC’s epidermis like? In all honesty, going after this whole story was a lazy move ahead my behalf.

Her routine is basically the same as mine-that is to state, not very included: removing my makeup, cleaning my face, toning, moisturizing, gaining a cover up every now and then, using sunscreen and minimal makeup, repeat. And like Ocasio-Cortez’s mom just, my mother also used to berate me for touching my face, prying my fingertips from my chin like these were nails in a panel.

She even used to call me within my first job post-college and nag me to sanitize my phone speaker therefore i wouldn’t use. Yes, you’re coming to the right conclusion-AOC and I are long-lost sisters separated at delivery probably. It seems sensible, then, that nothing earth-shattering happened after giving my pores the AOC treatment. It had been much business as normal pretty, and I didn’t wake up one morning ready to dedicate my entire life to intensifying politics or with a burning desire to don a white pantsuit and undertake the establishment.

All this aside, what was most revealing actually experienced nothing to do with my skin at all-it was the response to Ocasio-Cortez’s content. Of course, plenty of people were pleased she’d submitted her skincare tips, but there have been also many on social press who thought she was downplaying her seriousness as a politician in so doing.

A male politician could not do something like this, said some. I don’t care about her skincare behaviors; I just care about her policy, said others. Don’t get me wrong-I certainly believe there’s a burdensome and unrealistic amount of pressure on women to keep up physical appearances. Comparing the shit in my own medicine cupboard to my boyfriend’s makes my brain pulse just like a forest open fire (and that’s a whole other article for a later date).

But the actual fact that people, especially women, would give Ocasio-Cortez flak for writing her skincare routine-well, I find that ridiculous. Why must a woman interested in policy be disinterested in her pores automatically? That is probably one of the primary lessons I’ve learned in my 20s, and one it close seems AOC holds, too-that caring for yourself is among the best actions you can take for others, too. You’re happier, more effective, more balanced, more centered when you’re prioritizing your health and needs. And let’s be real-if anyone needs to be prioritizing this, it’s members of Congress.

Consider this an invitation to any Senate or House associates that need to decompress post-State of the Union tonight: My apartment door is always open up. I’ll have the jade clay and rollers masks waiting around. The week Our most popular stories of, every Saturday sent. Mimi Montgomery joined Washingtonian in 2018. She was the editorial assistant at Walter Magazine in Raleigh previously, North Carolina, and her work has appeared in Washington City Paper, DCist, and PoPVille. From North Carolina Originally, she lives in Adams Morgan now.

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