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AdamWillis has been taking a serious look at his cable supply bill and desires more bang for his buck. Should he keep using the set-top container he rents from his cable company, or will invest in a TiVo be a benefit to him? Share your opinion in the Engadget community forums. What applications and devices do you use to improve your health?

Wearable fitness gadgets are all the trend right now. 1974 want to learn: What applications and devices to help get you fit? Tell us what’s motivating one to pump iron, run half-marathons and get you away from the computer screen. After a hectic week at CES, our very own richardlai is taking a well-deserved vacation.

He’ll be going to Guam and wants to fully capture photos and video while underwater. If you’ve gone on an underwater adventure recently, make some suggestions on what he should be using! Year Last, I picked up a Synology NAS to manage my untold gigabytes of data. I’ve finally began diving into some of the more technical things you can do with it: WebDAV stocks, web servers, printing servers, and more. What exactly are some cool things you’re doing with your NAS? That’s all this week! Do you want to talk about your favorite device or have a burning-up question about technology? Register for Engadget accounts today, go to the Engadget forums, and begin a new dialogue!

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  7. Exercise When You Can

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