Ever heard of the three tap check? It’s a name given to the practice of checking if your pocket, tips, and mobile are you, before you leave the homely house. But if you are a girl, you would perfectly know that this list is non-exhaustive. Your check list probably looks relatively such as this: Eyebrows tweezed? Check. Tweezing your eyebrows made them thin too? Here’s an entire line of cosmetics to make fuller them look, again. Check. Exfoliating caused open skin pores (After all, what are those)? Worry not, here’s a toner. Upper lip threading done? Check. Ooh, but that accentuated your thin lips?

Lip plumpers to the rescue! I’m not even kidding, that’s an actual product. Arms, armpits, legs waxed? Check. Well, you should have known waxing makes your skin layer darker. So, the kindest souls on the planet read deodorant companies, have come up with whitening products for each inch of your skin together with your pits. If you’re delivering in India, you’re apt to be subjected to the turmoil of bridegroom hunting in an arranged marriage. Now you can forget being selected with a groom’s family if you’re not “slim, fair, and beautiful”. Surely, an Ivy League degree is nothing compared to an ivory complexion.

Ever wondered why it is, that men don’t worry a lot about their body shape, consistency of their hair, the shape of their nails, or spend a fortune on cosmetics and treatments, periodically? Ironically, afternoon that could be spent doing a lot of constructive things while wasting a precious, at the wonder parlor; I got interested in the staggering difference in goals of beauty specifications between men and women.

My biological aptitude told me the answer place in evolutionary biology and undoubtedly, it does. Men’s brains are primitively wired to choose a partner, predicated on physical features as an hour-cup physique, long hair, symmetrical features et al; all of which favor natural production and collection of viable offspring.

Women’s brains on the other hand, are wired to choose a partner predicated on cultural security or status, which her potential mate would offer. Since these are traits that are not evident initially sight, women tend to look beyond the cover to judge the written book. So ladies, you may now forgive men for the horrible creatures you thought these were, after watching the Tinder Social experiment.

But, how much of this do women do for men? I am sorry to burst your bubble girls but a considerable amount of money you may spend as a part of your beauty regimen, would go to waste. There’s not just a solitary man out there, who notices the color of your nails or whether you’re putting on your attention liner and lip gloss.

  1. Milk helps moisturize and hydrate the skin
  2. Exfoliate with a sugar scrub like everyone else learned to do when you did fake tan tricks
  3. A little honey
  4. 2-Eat and drink dairy products in moderation only
  5. Soft and firm feel of your hands
  6. You never use primer
  7. Florida International – 1 season with 20+ wins

So men aren’t to blame for everything in the end, eh? Sure, learning evolutionary patterns tells us that men place looks above personality when it comes to being drawn to women. But mankind is 6 million years of age and luckily now, a few superior humans do look beyond what satisfies the attention, to fall in love.

If you ever run into such a man, you know he’s a keeper. Yet, strict beauty standards have become so ingrained in the culture, that they have sneaked their way into hiring decisions even. The only path you can stop yourself from being bossed around, is by living life on your terms.