Nothing should be presented as reality unless the debater has individually checked the original source materials and confirmed its precision. 2. The debater should accurately present facts, without extending or distorting the info. 3. The debater should never present facts in ways different than how they appear to him, or deny the reality of his own hesitations to be able make his position seem stronger than he himself feels it to be. 4. The debater should review all proof and arguments honestly, being more prepared to improve his views, acknowledge a mistake, or lose a debate than to engage in dishonesty even.

5. The debater should not smear, mock, belittle, or disparage the character of his challenger otherwise, or take part in any form of personality attack. 6. The debater should be familiar with logical fallacies and really should completely reject their use, regardless of any tactical advantage that could be gained by them. 7. The debater shouldn’t take part in tactical shows of anger, outrage, surprise, or sorrow, or make other theatrical shows intended to play the feelings of the onlookers or distract from having less an sufficient response. 8. The debater should suppose the honesty, integrity, and good faith of the opposition.

9. If the challenger makes a mistake of logic or truth, or engages in unethical debating techniques, they are to be responded to with integrity and good faith, leaving an obvious conscience. 10. The debater should give a reasonable hearing to his opponent and really should be willing to change his views, not allowing himself to become blinded by ego or partisanship, or avoided from taking the best course by concern with embarrassment. 11. The debater should develop his knowledge and skills so that he can support his position solidly, condition his position obviously, and defend his position truthfully.

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12. The debater should always be civil and respectful: in victory, gracious and free from arrogance; in defeat, showing good sportsmanship and holding steadfastly to the truth. Events may be told from a different character’s point of view. A different person might be the central character, or a personality may become a major personality. They could narrate events which were not described in the original work. Sometimes there are completely new scenes, but more regularly they offer “deleted scene” information or untold back story to the original work. They may get one of these somewhat different personality for a character, and see the type of impact that would have on occasions.

What if Bella Swan (Twilight) hadn’t been so insecure and needy? Imagine if Edward hadn’t been such a gentleman? Imagine if Dumbledore (Harry Potter) got actually been evil? Often they explore different human relationships. For example, what if Hermione Granger had become interested in someone besides Ron Weasley? Or what if a character with out a romantic history, such as Neville Longbottom, had been given that chance?

Events are informed from another point-of-view, such among the Mary’s.- “Missing moments” gospels create stories of Jesus’ child years, or of Mary and Joseph’s back story. Minor characters come to the foreground in the Gospel of Judas or of Mary.- Alternative relationships develop, such as between Mary and Jesus. Moving from the medical end away, think about a forensic application: give the computer a DNA sample from a suspect or unidentified person, own it create an image of the person’s face. Maybe it might also give probable runs for height and weight.

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