One, the simplest way of viewing if your coloring really works within a specific season is to see your features against a landscape of this season. I was motivated by my many Facebook friends that have been creating various photos of themselves against their months scenery. One-Deep Winter women attached a picture of herself in a dark winter scenery – the effect was this stunning harmony – her features, coloring, pores, and skin, eye etc – they all harmonized with the scenery.

Another woman who is an awesome winter, looked so powerful and striking against an awesome winter lanscape. The result had not been overt coolness, but a crisp, striking beauty – it was amazing to see her beauty run into with her season’s landscape in the backdrop. Of all Autumn landscape photos, I believe that one is my all time favorite – every single color within this landscape harmonizes with my coloring – even my eye appears to somehow be reflected in the water. Personally I think very relaxed looking at myself in these surroundings – it feels like ‘home’!

I feel like my skin is reflected in the lightest tones of the warm rusty-sky. I absolutely adore the warm browns in this photo in combination with the warm peaches and rust shades. I also feel very ‘at home’ in this picture I think I’ll use this picture to help guide my makeup choices – I really like the warm, earthy elements! When I look at this photo I feel gentle and calm – my makeup is still soft but its ‘warmer’ and Personally I think it harmonizes better with the warm colors of these bouquets.

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I believe that if there were added brown, gold, and rust shades in this image, it would harmonize better still! I’m really drawn to the warm yellow and rust shades in this landscape – I find the peachy/tangerine flowers a little too spring like for my complexion – I need the muted, spicy, warm shades! Last but not least, here is the bright fall surroundings – again, the harmony is amazing here – Personally I think really at home and like these are ‘my’ colors. I feel my makeup helps me really be a part of this landscape.

If I had formed to choose just a few all arounders to recommend it would oftimes be lavender and frankincense. It’s win idea to start with too many at once in any case – it’s best to incorporate one at a time so you can easily see how your skin reacts to each one.

You want to look sluggish with integrating EO’s and if your skin layer is sensitive, you want to look slower even. Remember, the point of using essential oils is to heal your skin, not make the skin we have more delicate and annoyed by overdoing things. Whichever essential oils you decide to use, whether for skin care or elsewhere, it’s very important that you research each one individually to find out everything about any of it before utilizing it, otherwise maybe it’s dangerous.