On July 30, 2009, jewels left a remark to say that he referred to as Apple AS center about the maximum dimension they would recommend upgrading to and so they mentioned 320 GB. In line with jewels they mentioned upgrading to 500GB would cause overheating. My MacBook has not had any overheating issues with a 500GB HD. However, I contacted Apple and what they advised me is that my MacBook may be upgraded to a maximum of solely 250GB as a result of the HD controller on the motherboard can only handle up to a 250 GB laborious drive.

250GB, weird stuff will occur and my HD will probably be corrupted and un-useable. So it seems like a 250GB or less improve is Ok, a 320GB could also be not Ok, and 500GB is dangerous. I have not yet discovered any webpage which lists MacBook laborious drive dimension limits in line with the different MacBook models.

If I get a more concrete understanding of the HD measurement limitations, I’ll publish the data so others have it and hyperlink to it from here. 1 As of February 25th, 2009, two readers have left comments regarding the Western Digital 500GB Passport Essential exterior harddrive featured in this article.

Apparently the design of the HD has been modified, and you can now not disconnect the SATA to USB connector from the main hard drive as a result of it’s manufactured as one piece. One reader studies a one-piece HD bought in the UK and dated January 2009. If you end up with one of the one-piece HDs, you will not have the ability to successfully complete the upgrade as described in this article. However, most of this article remains to be relevant as reader Zack identified.

Following is a hard drive and an enclosure that will work for the improve. What’s essential is the HD must have a 2.5-inch kind factor and a SATA 2 interface. The enclosure must be the USB/SATA kind. The 80GB hard drive that got here with my white MacBook I bought a over a yr in the past (October 2007) has developed into the limiting issue of my computing productivity. For example, if I need to tap into my complete mp3 assortment via iTunes and have all my pictures in iPhoto whereas I take advantage of the PC, I’m properly over eighty GB and am forced to make use of an exterior harddrive.

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With only two USB ports on a MacBook and considered one of them taken up by an exterior hard drive, I’m continuously swapping peripheral machine USB cables in the remaining port. I like every little thing else about my MacBook and wouldn’t need to improve my total laptop yet, and a 500GB hard drive would prolong my use of it for no less than two extra years. Warning: Before you attempt this, backup all of your information! Perform this improve at your personal risk.

This labored for me, however I can’t guarantee it is going to give you the results you want! Consider any guarantee points this would possibly cause and name Apple first to see if this will void your guarantee and/or AppleCare Protection Plan. Take Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) precautions when dealing with the hard drive out of it is a case or handling any raw circuitry with together with your arms.

It’s never a good idea to immediately contact electrical components on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), however having stated that, in case you are properly grounded no harm will occur. All it is advisable to do is contact one thing linked to the bottom together with your finger to neutralize any static cost your physique may be holding before you contact the electronics.