125. Here goes. This client called me on a weekend. I specifically remember it was a Sunday because I used to be returning from the supermarket and was preparing to take groceries out of the car. As an aside, I seem to get called a lot in the grocery store.

The first serious inquiry I ever got for SEO writing was litigant who called me while I used to be food shopping in WalMart. We spent a good ten minutes talking, and I needed to tell him to excuse the announcement on the market items coming over the loud speaker. He chuckled at that and right then, I knew he would be cool to utilize.

That’s shown to be the case. But, I digress. 25 news release clients. So I’m getting ready to come out of my car to unload luggage and my phone rings. I did in the recesses of my purse deep and finally locate my mobile phone. I answer it and am surprised because it’s a potential client – calling on a Sunday.

Not many do this. He informs me he got my email (I cold email a lot) and was impressed with my qualifications, yadda, yadda, yadda. An internet is possessed by him marketing company and needs me to do some or announcements for his clients. I am told by him, he’ll start me off with one first to observe how it goes. I’m psyched, of course.

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NOTE: We don’t discuss price, because I suppose he’s viewed my site from the hyperlink I sent him and knows what it costs (this will come back to haunt me). On that evening Later, I log on to find out if the task was sent by him, but nothing at all. I’m not concerned though.

As he called on the Sunday and appeared in a bit of a rush, I simply assumed that he’d sent it. Day He sends it another and gives me a few days to get it to him back again. If you’ll remember from Friday’s post, I told you the reason why he wanted me to create the release is because the company sold something for the house construction industry.