What hinders the development of the recreational dive industry is having less business training and development for dive center and vacation resort owners. Notwithstanding, dive center and holiday resort managers fall within the range of dive management professionalism. The certification agencies to package and sell dive courses to entry-level divers, continuing education for recreational divers and professional level courses yet they fail to adequately train operators in the virtues of dive center management. Dive certification firms, under increasing competitive pressures lack the will to operate a vehicle change via an industry sadly in need of leadership and direction.

The focus of professional-level courses is dive training, almost oblivious to the stark realities of the industry that they operate in. No dive certification agency offers a dive center and resort management course aligned to business concepts incorporating principles of leadership, prices, marketing, operations, bookkeeping and accounting, finance and teamwork.

Whilst a complete micro-economics course is not required, presenting the principles of supply and demand to business owners allows business owners and managers to analyze their business and local competition. Touching on basics of macro-economics allows managers to analyze the industry seeking growth opportunities. Teaching the principles of strategy allows managers the capability to internally analyze their business to improve their value chain allowing value adding resulting in a sustainable competitive benefit.

It was pretty vacant, and the one server was operating the entire place. In addition they seemed to do a good takeout business. The best part was the music playing lightly in the background: piano versions of pop songs. They had me with a traditional version of “My Heart Will CONTINUE”.

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I spent my entire wait, looking forward to hearing what would seriously next. Pad Se Ew, chicken breast: Stir fried toned rice noodles, egg, garlic, broccoli, Chinese broccoli, carrots, and black bean sauce. Since I was posting with Ojan, and he can’t have spicy food, we proceeded to go for something that may be good even though not spicy: Pad Se Ew. And since it was his credits we were utilizing, I had formed him select the protein.

2 more). I’m not in love with any of these, and he selected chicken. I’m uncertain when it just happened exactly, or but sometime before, I’ve kinda started hating chicken. I understand, I know, poultry is so inoffensive, what is there to hate? Sure, nobody is in love with chicken, but who hates it? Me. I simply can’t stand its chicken-y taste.

Anyway, this poultry was best for rooster enough, tender white meats, but ugh, it was chicken. I cannot blame Modern Thai because of this though. For vegetables there were unremarkable ripple-cut carrots, broccoli chunks with longish stems, and a few tiny items of Chinese broccoli. The noodles were also performed decently, not fried too, not too mushy, not clumped together.