Which is more important: new customer growth or do it again business? Both email address details are right depending on where you have established your targets. If continual, year-after-year growth in the 10 to 20 percent range is exactly what you require, repeat customer income should be your main priority. However, if you are looking to move your business forward at quantum acceleration, your energy should be concentrated on adding new customers. Recently we asked which was more important: new customer growth or do it again business? The answer depends upon your business goals. If you want fast-paced quantum development, you should concentrate energy on adding new customers.

But if your targets are more incremental – if you envision continual or over-year growth in the 10 to 20 percent range – reservation repeat customer revenue is far easier than adding new customers. How will you build commitment and garner do it again business? With two customer words: service and communication. Customer service is focused on fixing customer problems. What types of problems?

Fixing things that are broken, or that don’t are expected. Facilitating deliveries, returns, and exchanges. Resolving billing and payment issues. Fulfilling the exceptional need or the odd request. Providing specialized user and advice assistance. This last is very important because many products are so complicated they can not really work without a solid service.

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And that doesn’t go simply for technical products. It applies to self-assembled furniture – the kind you can’t appear to construct predicated on cryptic instructions. Or home repair – consider those valuable retired plumbers in orange aprons at Home Depot. Weekend hotel stay Or think about your, transformed by that special concierge into something you remember the rest of your life.

In each case the customer service is a critical part of the product. And in every full case, it is the part that makes customers feel good about doing business with you. McDonalds believes that once you successfully address a customer’s issue, that customer is many times more likely to come and purchase more Big Macs back again. McDonalds store managers search for problems; they for problems long; they pray for problems. Train your visitors to listen closely for problems and look for things that are out of whack. Establish customer support protocols to make sure those issues are dealt with quickly and completely.

Plus, your business gets a bonus for good listening: creatively solved complaints are often the genesis of services and services. Create a system which rewards both customers and employees for those new business ideas. Too many companies see customer service as a cost. In reality it is the most cost-effective customer retention program you should possibly have. So hire repetitions who want to help people and train them to spot opportunities.