The Foundry Seven Step Process is the center of our development work. You are held because of it in control, and your project promptly and on budget. Our process ensures excellent websites with a completely personalized approach consistently. Each WordPress website we build is exclusive and custom made, with each of our seven stages designed to make sure you receive a professional service at affordable prices, and finish with a great website.

You tell us what you want your website to attain for your business, and we go following that. You reveal what you would like your website to achieve for your business. We create a strategy document in which we recognize why is your business unique and identify goals to be met when building you an effective website.

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We create the platform for your website, decide how visitors are going to undertake it, and identify the job that each page has to do. We create the framework for your website, determine how visitors will undertake it, and identify the job that each page has to do. This framework is presented as PDF wireframes, so they’re easy to look at, discuss, and change.

To be wide, though, absolutely do not require are either a “waste of time” or simply “wankery indulgence by a self-obsessed pampered, overtly indulged pop star”. I have zero musical ability whatsoever, but yes, oh yes, I can get a feeling of just how the instrumental works on Low inadvertently gave those with such skills the impetus to go off and create. Just how come Low exists? A good question.

Rather famously, the record label hated it, sending the tapes and asking David “please do it again back, but with singing”. When there is any truth in the inspiration for the last-mentioned point, it kind of failed. The information reveals that Low found an audience pretty much direct away and sold well.

It might all have been a brave, stark, and bold change of direction by Bowie, but one that the fans at this stage had already come to accept, appreciate, and accept. Anyway, no doubt Low came about as a mixture of all of the above, plus other reasons. Why don’t we rather you need to be thankful and appreciative it did, rather than trouble ourselves with thoughts of how and just why.

Perhaps, the best misunderstanding of Low ‘s the reason for the name. Most take it or suppose, as being a reference to the disposition Bowie was in, that he was at his “most affordable point”. That only partially covers a certain aspect of it really. As noted in this episode or edition, hopefully, a lot of the record is not just a wallowing in depression and despair. It’s title appears to come more from the fact that the record was intended to be more “low fidelity” in comparison with the in your face sound of previous works.

Also, the theory that Bowie was very thinking about a “low profile” at this stage. One of the things he said he adored of Berlin was that he was basically anonymous in the city, which was not the full case in the UK and the USA. The standard question at this stage is if Low would be an album that you, the informal fan or the not used to Bowie listener, should give a try? No, I do not feel that I’ve done the low justice with this post.