Can’t Ignore This Issue, YET ANOTHER Pound, The Tattoo Story, and More! That is way to long to visit between blog updates too. A record of sorts, that I’m definitely not happy about. I sincerely appreciate the support and understanding a lot of my friends have expressed during this incredibly busy time. Not merely has it been occupied, but I’ve been working with a medical concern that I’ve held very silent about.

The effects of sleep apnea experienced a profound effect on me lately. My needs have obviously changed in regards to the settings of my old “sleep machine,” and now–a restful evening’s sleep is hit and miss at best. I cannot waste any more time and do any more damage to my internal organs before receiving proper treatment. I must say I thought that my sleep apnea was 100% triggered by my obesity.

And it’s strange, because after shedding the first 100 roughly pounds, I was free to sleep—machines free, every morning and feel completely rested. But something changed. As I celebrated my freedom out of this disorder and continuing to lose more weight, the symptoms back came. It had been sometime after crossing the 200 pounds lost point, that I noticed the return of the old and familiar effects out of this exhausting killer. I’m happy to report: I’m scheduled for a sleep study on the night time of December 30th. I cannot continue to wish it away or convincing myself that I can lay down in a certain “symptom-free” position.

100% self-honesty–I’ve messed around with it a lot lately. It’s about time I do something positive to correctly treat the problem. This is the most severe possible time for me to feel like an exhausted wreck everyday. With my radio timetable and the manuscript weighing heavy on my plate–I must be effective and alert. I haven’t been lately, at all. And my slow progress is proof. I made my way to Stillwater to weigh-in the other day.

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I didn’t make a huge deal about it–It was just a check up for me. I’ve lost another pound, despite my beautiful grandmother’s request that I “not lose another pound!” Sorry grandma—229 is what I weigh today. I still have some weight/excess fat to lose and I’ll naturally and steadily make my way to whatever that number will be. I have some weight to gain—as in also, with muscle–in the new weight training exercise section of the YMCA.

So really–the quantity isn’t going to matter just as much as how I feel and how my clothes fit my smaller body. If I’m lucky enough to have excess epidermis removal surgery next 12 months, that too will result the quantity. But again—I can’t get centered on lots, ever. It’s not about that now.

I’ve allowed myself “extra” calories during the period of the last month—gradually increasing to about 1800 per day. Some days I do, some I don’t. It depends just. I still find myself spending way too many calories on loose snacks in your kitchen at the studio. Day The other, I consumed about 350 calories worth of nut products and pretzels.