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To contact Licensing click here. Why am I required to send the Fingerprint Clearance Card to the Department? Pursuant to ยง32-2108.01 applicants for licensure must get yourself a valid fingerprint clearance card through the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) prior to submitting an application to ADRE. This will not affect the department’s specialist to otherwise concern, deny, cancel, terminate, suspend, or revoke the permit. Is the License Certificate that is published from the ADRE Online Services website lawfully acceptable?

In other words, do I need the official license? Yes, the printed certificate is appropriate legitimately. The electronic license certificate is the state license certificate – and available INSTANTLY, after ADRE records are updated! Licenses are no mailed out longer, thus the online certificate is the only one available. Licensee employment information is also contained in the ‘printer-friendly’ license information on the ADRE Public Database. A person certified as a PC or PLLC may screen their name on the license certificate including the PC/PLLC notation. If not certified through a PLLC or PC, this section states ‘not appropriate’.

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Duplicate permit certificates may be published. What’s the difference between an LLC and a PLLC? The PLLC specifies that, in those cases where only a person licensed or authorized by an Arizona licensing authority otherwise, wishes to render one or more categories of service, the licensee(s) may do so only as a PLLC.

Remember, all compensation must be paid through the Employing Broker. General rules and regulations governing an LLC may connect with a PLLC. License Application Instructions are accompanied by the Professional that advises you. To apply for a PC/PLLC complete the Professional Corporation (PC) or a Professional Limited Liability Corporation (PLLC) License Application (LI-231). PC/PLLC and submitting the License application. Scan completed application and all required documents and post to the Department by hitting here.

Send questions by clicking on here. What if I’ve already created an LLC but need to improve to PLLC? If you are seeking to change your LLC to a PLLC, you can amend your LLC Articles of Organization with the Arizona Corporation Commission. As the very least, the name must be amended to substitute PLLC for LLC.

There may be additional items to amend depending about how the entity was created. Follow the directions on the form. After filing the amended Articles of Business, another Notice of Filing must be published in a newspaper of general blood circulation. Submit the completed Professional Corporation (PC) or a specialist Limited Liability Corporation (PLLC) Application (LI-231) and everything required documents.

For any questions regarding procedures and forms, see the Arizona Corporation Commission and/or consult professional advice website. How do I inactivate my license? There is no charge when this is done online. An inactive status indefinitely is allowed, as long as continuing education (CE) is uploaded, however, remember, the difference between a dynamic and an inactive license is that one cannot perform real estate activity with an inactive license. The brand new Broker must log on and approve the hire, prior to the license becomes energetic.