Jane Bozarth is the author of the publication Show your projects. We experienced all these skills in the webinar with Jane. She does her dissertation about neighborhoods of practice and discovered that there surely is a distance between what we do at work and what we should report in a staff meeting. We’ve a complete great deal of information in what colleagues do but not HOW they do it exactly. Sharing allows for others to study from you. Knowledge employees have a complete lot of tacit knowledge, and can use the tools available, say for example a telephone with a camera to talk about the way they are performing a certain job actually.

Sharing doesn’t necessarily need to be through digital tools, however, the digital tools available make it much simpler to share something quickly and widely. We’re coming for an age where we can’t know everything by itself. We are now dealing with a more complex environment and it becomes harder to do things by itself. Why do people reveal how to fish and not the way they fix things at work?

Jane is also puzzled when people don’t think about sharing at work. She observes that some individuals record a video about how to fish and talk about it on YouTube in their free time but don’t do the same at work. One of the reasons may be, “How to” information is easy to find on the internet and complex issues, the tacit knowledge is significantly less shared. Brown and Duguid have written thoroughly concerning this aspect of tacit knowledge. Jane illustrated this with the exemplary case of a person who got a lot of things done within her organization and documented his work before he retired. However, nobody became as effective as he was regardless of the documentation every.

The reason is that the tiny techniques of the trade are very important and the ones aren’t easily captured in documentation. Questions and Interviews may help to get tacit knowledge out. However, we are not very good at asking the right questions to colleagues either, we don’t probe on how somebody managed to take action.

We discuss our work on a regular basis, but about ‘how did you do this rarely? Visuals can be helpful too, a cookbook with recipes is explicit knowledge, videos, or pictures give a view into the tacit knowledge already. We all have the experience to do something and learning someone has done that before soon after. Often in organizations people don’t take time to share. The reason behind this is that individuals don’t possess the attitude of posting.

In fact in every project you should have a pause and reflect whether there are other people who might be fighting the same issues? This won’t imply that you share every pencil you sharpen.Starting Working Outloud in organizations In an organization, you may start by identifying the individuals who are already carrying it out.

We may help management change the questions.A large problem of working out loud in a corporation is ensuring everything is fixable. It helps to involve some known areas like Yammer. It is good to progress in tagging. A search function is important also. Within an organization you might help people in their decisions what things to share where; what to share via mail, another thing via the inner Yammer and other things in public areas.

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Sharing successes or failures? Sarah Brown Wessling was instructor of the entire year and got video taped throughout a lesson when everything proceeded to go incorrect in a drama/literature class. She didn’t stop the video but proceeds and later points out what went wrong. She published it on a teacherchannel publicly. This may be very helpful for new teachers.

It was easy for her to share this in public because she is very confident, she has been rewarded. It needs quite some courage to get this done in the community. Doctors who organize a morbidity and mortality meeting to discuss a patient who died also talk about failures, this is part of their professional culture. It really is part of working and learning outloud, nonetheless it publicly is not shared. Yammer can be considered a great tool. There is the exemplary case of copying machine repair individuals who send pictures to others. Even email is possible. Tip: read also the blogpost ‘does the learnnuggets’ by Marjan Engelen.

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