Obese persons are at risk for cholesterol gallstones because their bile is saturated with cholesterol. The risk increases during rapid weight loss by means of certain very‐low‐calorie diets or gastric bypass surgery. Gallstone risk factors during rapid weight loss include increased bile cholesterol saturation index and gallbladder stasis. 021), an unanticipated difference that led to premature study termination for ethical reasons.

Blood lipids and HMG CoA reductase activity in mononuclear leukocytes fell at week 8 during both diets, but retrieved while weight was still being lost. The findings suggest that gallstone risk during rapid weight loss may be reduced by maintenance of gallbladder emptying with a small amount of fat molecules. Ultimately, weight reduction reduced bile cholesterol saturation and improved highdensity lipoprotein (HDL) levels.

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Britain briefly suspended a road project credited to incorrect accounting. Then last year DFID took control of federal government procurement which consists of £32.6 million annual aid donations after a secret internal audit. The 25-web page document – marked ‘Official Sensitive’ – is damning. It features an astonishing 37 areas that merit a ‘red flag’ for suspected fraud including lack of information, inflated prices, specification skewed towards specific suppliers and undeclared issues appealing.

The record found ‘the island continues to make a disproportionate amount of scams and whistleblowing issues’, blaming ‘suboptimal’ procurement methods. Unsurprisingly, it adds there is certainly ‘high risk that value for money is not being achieved’. Yet Mr McLaughlin needed to abandon hopes of a new life helping repair his wife’s homeland – all because he elevated similar concerns.